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Such an angelic voice. Her expressiveness is beyond words. It's as though she's channeling God. - Dr Cowan

Je ne le redirai plus, j’ai été complètement transporté par ce concert. J’avoue avoir été totalement bouleversé par Janelle Lucyk, que je ne connaissais pas du tout, lors de son interprétation solo de la pièce faisant partie du thème Complaintes Maternelles. Intensité, justesse, expressivité, subtilité. Ouf! Je fus transporté et suis demeuré ému pendant des heures. J’ai même dû aller marcher avant de rejoindre l’ami qui me logeait, encore trop ému par cette interprétation.  I won't say it again, I was completely transported by this concert. I admit I was totally overwhelmed by Janelle Lucyk, whom I did not know at all, during her solo interpretation of the piece that is part of the Complaintes Maternelles theme. Intensity, accuracy, expressiveness, subtlety. Phew! I was transported and remained moved for hours. I even had to go for a walk before joining the friend who was staying with me, still too moved by this interpretation.

On dira grand bien de la soprano Janelle Lucyk - Panm360

I don't think it needs to be stated how rare it is to find singing of Baroque music like this (...) My impression: she inhabits and embodies the music rather than dominates it. (...) It seems to me that the soprano's sparing use of modest vibrato in this aria comes close to the German concept of "Bebung." - David Badagnani

La soliste Janelle Lucyk a épaté l’assistance avec sa voix renversante et une présence incandescente. Un nom à surveiller. - Claude Deschenes

Lucyk’s tone blended perfectly with the ensemble and choir, and maintained clarity and distinctiveness.(...) The performance was riveting. At once focused and spontaneous, all the members of the ensemble contributed to a sense of musical drive. Lucyk’s angelic and inspired rendition of Domine Deus, rex coelestis stood out. La Scena Musicale

From the second pew, house right, the moment the first chord rang out through the audience, I could not hold back the tears. (...) I have never felt more connected to my roots than being apart of the audience last night. (...) this concert has rekindled the music flame in my heart (which is a roaring bonfire this morning). (...)  Your passion and dedication to your craft is infectious.

La soprano Janelle Lucyk a brillé tout autant que sa robe scintillante dans le Telemann, avec une voix cristalline qui faisait penser à une Suzie LeBlanc des premières années. - Acadie Nouvelle

This sounds more accurate to what the song would have sounded like back in the 1500s. - Christine Ayres

La découverte d’une chanteuse d’opéra très émouvante qui s’exprime très différemment des apprentissages classiques.

Janelle Lucyk, coup de cœur du quatuor, offre une performance vocale exemplaire -Sors-Tu?

What a sweet, mellow and yet so clear godesses' voice - Jérôme Schmitz 

This music reminds me of childhood stories of princesses and kings and .... the loveliness of the music is matched only by that of the singer - Paulcrawford1108

Excellent.  The early music world is lucky to have you. (...) Oh, my, how beautiful!  If only we could hear Bach sung in this lovely and sensitive manner more frequently. (...) Singing of Baroque music doesn't get much better than this.  Thank you for singing in actual period style rather than filtered through an overblown late-20th-century operatic lens. - dbadagna

You guys both sounded so amazing tonight (...) even in a room full of professionals it still felt like you both stepped in and suddenly there was this charisma (...) like ‘oh ok but now here’s the artist we all came to see’ kind of thing.

Magnifique moment de musique voix vocale et musique instrumentale exceptionnelle, de ce concert que j’ai énormément apprécié bravo à vous trois. - LA COLOMBE

I was totally taken in, unabashedly, by your performance of Amazing Grace at the United church in Annapolis Royal, as you expressed so beautifully your rhythmical, sensitive arrangement with the fantastic backup of Capella Regalis!!!    The entire concert renewed my spirit with glee and appreciation!  Thank you! I was thrilled to be among the audience that evening!
- Elsa Beattie
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